Throwback Thursday: Raptors At The Big Dance

You’ve pondered over predictions, filled out your bracket and mapped out the days that you’re calling in sick to work. The madness has begun! March Madness, that is.

Besides Amir (who was the last NBA player to be selected straight out of highschool) and both Jonas and Nando whose pre-NBA days were Europe-based, let’s take a look back at which Raptors soaked up the most madness during their college runs.

Put me in, coach…


Sweet 16:
John Salmons – Miami (1999-2000)
Chuck Hayes – Kentucky (2001-2002)
Kyle Lowry – Villanova (2004-2005)
Landry Fields – Stanford (2007-2008)
Dwight Buycks – Marquette (2010-2011)

Elite Eight:
Dwane Casey – Kentucky (1976-1977)
Chuck Hayes – Kentucky (2002-2003, 2004-2005)
Kyle Lowry – Villanova (2005-2006)
Tyler Hansbrough – UNC (2006-2007)
Patrick Patterson – Kentucky (2009-2010)

Final Four:
Steve Novak – Marquette (2002-2003)
Tyler Hansbrough – UNC (2007-2008)

NCAA Champions:
Dwane Casey – Kentucky (1977-1978)
Tyler Hansbrough – UNC (2008-2009)

A mix of nostalgic madness sticks with the current Raptors roster, some players former NCAA champs and some not getting to experience the crazy climb to the top. Former USC athlete, DeMar, looks back on his own March Madness experience:

YouTube Preview Image

Good luck!

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