Throwback Thursday: Amir The Young Vet

Amir Johnson, who recently celebrated his 500th career game as a Toronto Raptor and is playing for his second NBA team at just 26 years old, continues to embrace both the claw and the city of Toronto.

Johnson loves the team, he loves the city and isn’t afraid to show it. Hustle and heart, simple as that. This season, he’s quickly been climbing the ladder for most blocks in franchise history (as of this post he sits second behind Chris Bosh) and has received the nickname the ‘Doctor of Denial’. He’s been a mad presence on the defensive end for the Raptors, but still pops up those hot shots when you least expect it. You know, that summer three that’s been coming around all winter long and dunks like this most recent one:

So after nine years in the NBA, with the special years spent right here in Toronto, everything has to begin somewhere. It began for Amir with a bucket just like the one above as a rookie with the Detroit Pistons.

On January 24, 2006, Amir said HELLO NBA with an epic windmill dunk to clock his first two points in the league.

Now that’s a way to enter! And the rest is history…


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