Throwback Thursday: 40+ Point Props

Every week, with Thursday waving at me in the distance, I sit down and ponder the next throwback. And every week there are endless options when it comes to making, breaking or taking Raptors franchise records. Why? Because it’s a different kind of season, ain’t it?

Yesterday, NBA diehards took a moment to dwell in the purple and gold nostalgia of eight years prior. It was January 22, 2006 that Kobe Bryant went all superhuman with an 81-point game. That’s second in NBA history just under Wilt Chamberlain’s legendary 100-point circus. It was also against the Toronto Raptors.

Yesterday, Raptor diehards took a moment to dwell in the red and black present of a bounce back win. It was January 22, 2014 that DeMar DeRozan went all, well, this…


…with a 40-point game. He became the seventh Raptor in franchise history to score 40 points or more in a single showing. It was also a career-high night for him.

So who else scooped up the 40+ point props? According to @RaptorsMR, here’s the list of the six soldiers:

Vince Carter: Hit the mark 14 times. He’s also the only Raptor to record a 50+ point game with 51 points in 2000. Here’s a reminder.

Chris Bosh: Made the map nine times between 2006-2010.

Andrea Bargnani: Banked a career high 41 points in 2010 against, yep, the Knicks.

Acie Earl: Logged a double-double with 40 points and 12 rebounds in 1996 against the Celtics who drafted him.

Tracy Murray: Nailed it as one of the originals on the 1995/1996 expansion team.

Charlie Villanueva: Set Raptors all-time rookie record in a game with 48 points (and 18 rebounds) back in 2005.


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