Throwback Thursday: Taking The Team Up Challenge

Changing lives through the power of sport.

As I did the usual morning scan of the news on twitter while the coffee brewed, the stories related to the statement above really stood out, sprinkled amoung last night’s scores and stats. One of those powerful stories was the unlikely friendship in the basketball world between Michigan State forward Adreian Payne and Princess Lacey.

Changing lives through the power of sport.

Lacey lost her battle with cancer this week but as a huge basketball fan, for the final two years of her fight, she was involved in the sport which made her the happiest. Maybe she was here on earth that much longer because of it.

Changing lives through the power of sport.

This is the mission statement of the MLSE Foundation. I am grateful to have experienced some pretty magical moments alongside their incredible team. When you commit to being a part of these events to help feed support to others, you don’t realize how much you’re going to take away too until you’re at the finish line. Everyone is affected. Just like everyone is affected by that terrible C-word.

jonas1Jonas with Alicia from Camp Trillium at a Raptors home game.

The Team Up Challenge, in support of Camp Trillium, tackles the C-word. An event that I was involved in last year, it’s an all-day sports tournament where teams compete in basketball, hockey and soccer while raising funds to send kids with cancer to camp. And once they’re at camp, it let’s them forget about their exhausting illness for a moment or two, just like little Lacey.


Now is the time to register and make a huge impact on some incredibly brave kids and their families. Spend a day at BMO field with your team for some friendly competition, crossing paths with members of the Raptors, Leafs and TFC organizations while kicking some butt for a great cause. It was wild how many Raptor fans and personalities from the Toronto sports world hit the pavement and pitch last year. A win-win for all involved.

RapsPhoto4 Jamaal MaGloire, one of the celebrity coaches at last year’s event.

Here’s a little more of the great day that was and the great day that will once again be. You should come too.
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