Throwback Thursday: Trey Bien

Three pointer, trey, Amir-branded summer and winter threes; those beautiful buckets from downtown have been showing up on the regular in 2014 for the Raptors.

Looking back on this week alone:

The Raptors hit eight 3-point shots in a single quarter vs. the Magic to tie a team record.

Terrence Ross set the record for most 3-point field goals in a half with seven against the Clippers.

He also matched the Raptors record in 3-point field goals in a quarter with seven that game. The second-year swing man also took second spot on the all-time franchise list for 3-point field goals in a game with 10.

Raining threes? Pouring threes. Check out the fan reaction on the 3-ball from just last game alone.

This week also marked the day that the Raptors longest 3-point streak came to a close. Started by Vince Carter, between February 26, 1999 and January 24, 2011 the Raptors made at least one 3-point shot for 986 consecutive games — the second longest streak in NBA history.

The longest? The Dallas Mavericks began the trek one day later on February 27, 1999 to hit 1,108 games.

Who shattered it? The Raptors.

I can absolutely continue raining Raptors 3-point stories on you because there are some good ones.

What about Donyell Marshall making 12 3-point field goals in one game to tie Kobe Bryant’s record. They continue to hold that top NBA spot.

Or Jason Kapono taking the 3-point shooting title at both the 2007 and 2008 NBA All-Star Weekends.

Or Jose Calderon with the trademarked three below.

Toronto Raptors vs. New Jersey Nets

With the leaders in the franchise in 3-point field goals being Morris Peterson (801), Andrea Bargnani (571) and Vince Carter (554), my question to you:

Who is the Raptors all-time best 3-point shooter?

I’ve set down some stats but maybe it’s the player with the flawless form or the one that always had your complete trust from long distance that takes your vote.

You choose and answer below…

Morris Peterson
Anthony Parker
Donyell Marshall
Jason Kapono
Jose Calderon
Dell Curry
Andrea Bargnani
Vince Carter

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