Throwback Thursday: What’s Old Is New Again

This week, the logo for the Raptors 20th anniversary season was unveiled and it sure does have a throwback feel to it. Bringing back the purple palate that the team wore for their first 11 seasons, the lettering and design hits you with a nostalgic nudge as any anniversary in life does.

From purple pinstripes to retro bomber jackets, they’re currently circling the city like it’s 1999. Spotted on the subway or when your latest nights are the greatest nights (excuse my Drake), they’re out there left, right and city center.

With a bit of envy, I just caught this guy on the subway…

Last season, we all remember when Amir wore two claws at once on the court.


But the franchise’s first logo was unveiled on May 15th, 1994 on Canadian national television. Raptors GM Isaiah Thomas tore through it like a T-Rex to christen the new trademark. The original colours were red, black, purple and something called ‘Naismith silver’ to honour, but of course, basketball inventor James Naismith. And Toronto was repping the claw with pride from the beginning, with over $20 million in Raptors merchandise sold in just the first month. Check out that jacket.


And check out the Toronto Raptors logo through memory lane.

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