Today’s Game Changer: A Simple Smile

I wrote a little ditty a while back answering the reoccuring life question of “why do you do what you do?” Insert below today’s reminder of exactly that.

The annual Toronto Raptors team visit to SickKids Hospital is one of my favourite events of the season. In a tiny little room of a very special ward, memories are made with a simple high five or exchange of a smile. Memories that kids like Caitlyn said they will remember forever.

Making memories at SickKids Hospital.
Today, on court hustle kind of took a back seat to real life for the team. It was a different kind of time out that was significant for both benches; the Raptors and the kids.

Picture 11

As I stood there absorbing the mirrored moments of interaction around the room it was interesting to note that some of the players stood there from a father’s perspective while others were still kids themselves; maybe being reminded once again about the power of wearing a Raptors splashed jersey.

Making memories at SickKids Hospital.Making memories at SickKids Hospital.









There were competitive laughs over video games, the players and coaching staff handed out autographed pictures and Josh, a warm-hearted little boy, told me about how in awe he was about the size of the players. “One of them even got down on his knees beside me and he was still taller than me!”, he recalled with a massive smile. The day was all about putting smiles on the faces of some very special kids. Game changing smiles. Little does Josh know he’s the one that put a smile on my face today.

Making memories at SickKids Hospital.
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