Raptors Don’t Bring It Against Bobcats


Friday was nothing short of a letdown effort for the Raptors, who found themselves in another close game, but they failed to bring the same level of intensity — especially early — that kept them so competitive against some strong opponents in their previous four home games.

Our Tweet of the Night asks a question the Raptors now have days to figure out before closing out the first half of the regular season Wednesday against the Pistons. Based on Dwane Casey’s post-game reaction above, it’s probably no surprise that they get back to work at practice on Saturday afternoon.

Here now are your Top 10 #RTZ Tweets from a disappointing night for the Raptors on court, but a lot of other fun moments that were a part of the team’s annual Fan Night.

@SweetWillowTree I really wanna see the Raps team that competed with NYK, LAL, Miami… Not the team that lost to Washington. LET’S GO RAPS! #Rtz

@ryanmcneill We’re six minutes into the game and DeRozan has 8 of Toronto’s 10 points. He’s 3-4 from the field and 2-2 from free throw line. #RTZ

@_Up_n_Adam Have to stop letting Reggie Williams pull up for 3s. Perimeter defense has to improve. #raptors #rtz

@xtina_burns lets get a little naughty by nature on the court and start scoring. @raptors #rtz

@maplezombie  #raptors lacking energy a bit. We need a big dunk to get the crowd in it! #RTZ you know me! @Raptors

@JonathanJoubran  DeRozan dunking like all the Bobcats players were figurines there! #RTZ @Raptors

@ludikristin Hayyyy hoooo… even the @raptors were jammin pre warm up. @naughtybynature make us break a half time sweat. #RTZ pic.twitter.com/DzdcRczP

@loveofthegame10 So the Bobcats seemed to get fired up by Jack and Matts singing and have gone on a 7-2 run since Sweet Caroline. #RTZ #Raptors

@jhaymoney Hmmm, i guess the #Raptors wont get the day off tomorrow if they dont beat the Bobcats #RTZ

@sabrinamadhani Raptors give Michael Jordan gets a bday gift with a bobcat win. #RTZ


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