Top #RTZ Tweets: Raptors Crush Cavs

Thanks to Natasha Alibhai of @RTZFans for following along with our live twitter chat during tonight’s game. As part of a regular post-game feature, we’re going to highlight some of the best tweets of the night using our #RTZ hashtag. Make sure you take part next game.

@jobinjosee – Tristan Thompson welcome home! Repppin Canadian Ball in the NBA

@Byronicle89 – Raptors 2nd in NBA in fewest pts allowed in the paint? A great job by Mr. Casey so far

@rtzfans Bargnani starts 4-4 from the field. That Primo Pasta is doing wonders this season :)

@SweetWillowTree – Watching Calderon on defense makes me happy.

@ryanmcneill – Toronto has held Cleveland to shooting 27.9% from the floor after three quarters. Wow!

@HodgsonMatthew – Raptors displaying grit by giving that foul in the paint vs giving up the easy 2. Gotta love it!

@MegiMK – Also, it needs to be pointed out Jose is running this team “Like a Boss”. Watch and learn, Kyrie Irving. #rtz

@KennyNorton – Never believed in @DeMar_DeRozan more after a game than this one. Perhaps his best shooting night of his career!

@augustojoshua – Somebody give coach #Casey a jersey cause he’s playing defense on the sideline.

@MsWilliamsPR – Great win for the @Raptors! The squad has been buying into coach Casey’s system very well & the results are showing.

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