Top Tweets After A Tough Collapse In Charlotte

Delayed and cancelled flights, building evacuations after false alarms and soggy uniforms are insignificant issues in the grand scheme, but squeeze all that into a short span between NBA games on a back-to-back and you’ve got enough factors to seriously disrupt a pro athlete’s sanctified game day routine.

Despite all those pitfalls, the Raptors’ still managed to start Saturday’s contest against the Bobcats red hot and when coupled with their furious finish, fatigue was pretty much out as a potential excuse.

Much like in Memphis, turnovers (24) and a significant difference in fouls (36-21 favouring Charlotte) were serious causes for the loss. But the big issue was a major collapse in the third quarter that saw the Raptors outscored 38-14 — both a season-high from an opponent and the largest point differential in a quarter this season.

There certainly wasn’t much to celebrate in that frame, but our #RTZ Tweet of the Night found a moment shortly after Jamaal Magloire offered up a flashback from earlier days.

The Raptors will regroup in Toronto before heading out to New York City to end their five-game road trip against the Knicks. Until then, here’s more of what you had to say about Saturday’s loss in Charlotte.

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