Top Tweets From An Wild Afternoon At ACC

It was an absolute roller coaster of an afternoon at ACC on Sunday, which featured another awful start from the home side, an unlikely spark from Jamaal Magloire, Jose Calderon going supernova for a career-high 30 points, quiet Kobe, airball Kobe, a Raptors fourth-quarter comeback, killer Kobe, a devastating five-second violation, another last shot opportunity for a win, but ultimately a 94-92 loss.

I leave it to @jaypresident with our #RTZ Tweet of the Night to sum it more effectively in less than 140 characters:

Top 20 #RTZ  Tweets – Raptors vs. Lakers

@StatzCanadaThat pass was DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!! James Johnson!!! It was really nice seeing him last night at the UofT Basketball game #RTZ

@ZanTabakHerald  Not a good start here for the #Raptors they are, ironically, being killed by Worldpeace #RTZ

@Robjohnso  @Raptors. All jose calderon early need to get more players involved, derozan has to go at the lakers more aggressively #RTZ

@_Up_n_Adam  DeRozan’s D on Kobe looks like he remembered Kobe’s summer camps. Hopefully the offensive part comes back soon. #Raptors #RTZ

@ReeZen 8 minutes in and raps have missed the same number of shots that the lakers have made. 10. #rtz

@RapsfanMike  Magloire in the game to stop Lakers inside game. Bonus is the nice screens being set now. #RTZ

@Liston  #Raptors Have to love Kleiza’s defence on World Peace. Outstanding. Kleiza plays the post well at both ends. #RTZ

@kuyaBRIAN_  @Raptors That’s how you finish a quarter. With emphasis. Courtesy of James Johnson. #RTZ

@maplezombie Nice finish to the half! One word: momentum! Go #raptors #RTZ :channel that crowd energy and chase the #lakers back to Pearson Airport…..

@mijetta Did the #Raptors have some espresso shots at 1/2 time?!? Lol #LetsGoRaptors! #rtz

@kuyaBRIAN_  @Raptors Jack Armstrong is fired up! Let’s suit him up. Get him a jersey & some kicks. He’ll bring toughness & force. #RTZ

@A_PHATT Those slow first Quarters hurt my @Raptors would be right there if didn’t have the slow start down 7 and still fightin #RTZ @rtzfans

@awadecircus  Really liking the fight the Raps are putting together, gotta keep it going, Lakers aren’t going away. #rtz

@Ahhlekz WOW SLAMMED IT DOWN!! Sign me up for the first session of the #DavisSystem! #RTZ

@abraisnic The kind of performance fans crave from a young team. Great work Raptors regardless of final score. #RTZ @raptors

@KevinGarcia Wow, @DeMar_DeRozan defense on Kobe in these last few possessions has been BIG. This excites me. Anyone else? #RTZ #Raptors #Lakers @Raptors

@sterlingdamckay @Raptors we have our ups and downs, but u can’t tell me that this isn’t some inspired and talented ball again against 1 of the best #rtz

@Skip2MyJays KOBE BRYANT! MY GOD. CLUTCH! #Lakers 93-92, 4.2 left. Jose’s gotta take the last shot! #raptors #rtz

@Ryan_LR Rasual Butler says he called a timeout on the inbounds. Officials don’t agree. 5 second violation and Lakers ball with the lead. #RTZ

@SamerAbdo damn, toronto outplayed lakers for the last 3 quarters and lost out due to bad decisions/bad luck…oh well, up against Linsanity next! #RTZ

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