Tough Day For TJ Ford

There’s been an outpouring of support for TJ Ford from NBA players, media and Raptors fans, after the 28-year-old point guard announced he would take an indefinite leave of absence from basketball on Monday.

The eight-year pro will reportedly contemplate retirement due to a series of neck and spine injuries suffered over the course of his NBA career — including a stinger on March 7 vs. New York.

Ford’s tenure with the Raptors was just before my time covering the team. Like many of you however, I simply had the privilege of enjoying Ford’s fearlessness, speed and undeniable skill on the court — particularly during the Raptors’ 2006-07 season where he averaged 14 points, eight assists and 1.4 steals per game to help lift them to their only Atlantic Division title.

If this is indeed the end of Ford’s NBA tenure, he leaves fans of the Bucks, Pacers, Spurs and Raptors with some great memories of a true competitor. For an excellent personal take on Ford’s time here, check out what Doug Smith of the Toronto Star had to say about Ford’s announcement.

Below is probably my favourite highlight of Ford’s time with the Raptors, we would love to hear yours in the comments section below.

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